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Journalists and influencers

In our image library you can find all the images and related information you need for writing your next article, using our easy and fast to use search functions. All images are free to download without the worry of royalties. All we require from you is to credit the brand when you use their images.

Search through press releases with our easy to use keyword search function and download the press releases you need in Word or PDF format. Every download contains the related images and image information, to make it as easy as possible for you to use.

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Royalty free Image Library
Greenfingers Media Centre

Customised Media Centre for brands

There is nothing more important for a brand than to be recognised. Creating your personalised <my_brand> press office with logo and company colour certainly will help with that. So stand out from the crowd and start creating your press room now.

Upload images and press releases for journalists and influencers to see and search for in our fast loading and easy to search through image library. Let your existing contacts download your images and press releases by creating direct-download links. By using direct-download links your contacts will be directed to your brand media centre from where the download starts without the need for an account with us.

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Need help writing a press release?

If you have no time and/or experience writing press releases and could do with an assistant, we can be of help. Our team of higly knowledgeable PR consultants are here to assist and can write and distribute your press releases for you. For more information contact our PR team.

Create beautiful collections in moments

Brands can also create 'collections' which have a direct download link to images and are ideal for sharing new product launches, occasion-based press releases, trend updates and more.

This gives you the image-sharing convenience of Dropbox with exceptional brand presence.

Image Collections